Acoustic Damping Fences

Acoustic Damping Fences

Acoustic Fencing in wood

Noise damping (or sound dampening/absorbing/acoustic dampening) wood fencing panels are specially made to either absorb sound that hit the fence or reflect sound away depending on the material and where it will be used.

Noise reduction fencing may look similiar to a traditional garden fence but the specialist nature of the product and the way its made (using different density layers to effectively block sound) requires correct specification and installation.

Norlap Fencing Hertford are experts in this field and offer free site surveys to assess the best and most cost effective solution.

Accoustic damping fence panels can still accomodate doors, gates, locks and other hardware that you would expect of any fence, so in all the important day to day respects noise reduction fencing is just as easy to live with as any traditional wooden garden fence.

If you require acoustic sound reduction fencing, call the experts today. We’ll survey the site and discuss the relative merits or absorbtive or reflective fence types and any other issues.

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Specialist industrial Acoustic damping in metal

Acoustic barrier fencing is often seen on motorways, running along the edges of housing developments or building sites where noisy machinery will be used for any length of time.

Acoustic barrier fences offer a practical solution for your home, building and highway acoustic damping applications. Although our acoustic barriers dampen noise levels they are still attractive to look at and blend in to the background perfectly.

  • Acoustic damper fencing conforms to all current BS Standards.
  • Additional sound deadening measures possible
  • Strong and fully fit for purpose to meet rigorous highway requirements. Heights up to 6 metres.
  • Acoustic damping fences also offer a high degree of security for high risk areas such as motorways and railways.

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