Anti Vandal fences

Anti Vandal fences

Responsible site security measures

Site security is something that has to be fit for purpose but also suitable for the environment you are protecting. Norlap Fencing offer a suitable range of protective deterrents which are suitable for low risk areas up to high category protection.

Clearly the requirement for a school will be different to a railway line or even a prison, so call the Norlap fencing company now on 01992 350222 or 07534 503223 to discuss the best solution to the problems you need to solve.

Rotating Anti Climb Guard

Although steel Palisade fencing with spikes form a highly effective barrier to trespass and to keep vandals out of a site, there may be times when health and safety considerations are important and a more gentle option is needed.

Under these circumstances it’s worth considering a rotating top to your anti climb or anti-vandal fence. The rotating sections at the top make it extremely difficult to climb over and they also pose a much lower risk of harm to potential vandals.

If an effective deterrent is required which can be used in environmentally sensitive locations like schools, car parks or leisure areas, these are well worth considering as an option. Different types and styles are available to suit either existing or new fences.

For more information on effective security fencing solutions, contact the Norlap fencing company on 01992 350222 or 07534 503223.

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