Galvanised Fences

Galvanised Fences

Anti-Rust galvanised fencing

Galvanisation (or galvanization) describes the process of applying a layer of Zinc to steel fencing to offer long lasting protection from rust above and below ground.

Galvanization is a very cost effective solution which makes metal railing much more durable to weather conditions here in the UK. It provides a good alternative to stainless steel fencing which we can also supply and install.

There are two types of galvanisation – electroplating where an electric current deposits a thin shiny layer of zinc and Hot dipped galvanisation where the metal parts are dipped in molten zinc. This gives a matt silver finish and a higher level of protection

All of the galvanised steel fencing that the Norlap fencing company supply are hot dipped for maximum protection from weathering.

The main types of galvanised metal fencing we supply are Palisade fences (in both security, high security and anti-climb versions), Chain Link fences and gates. we can also supply other types of galvanised products such as tree guards which can then be painted or decorative handrails & fencing.

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