Hazel and Willow Hurdle Fences

Hazel and Willow Hurdle Fences

Traditional Hazel or Willow woven hurdle fence panels

Our willow and Hazel hurdles are special order only (not a standard stock item) with each one made by hand. They make a perfect backdrop to any traditional planting scheme and not only act as a screen and windbreak helping to protect more delicate plants, they can become part of the garden architecture allowing plants to intertwine between the spaces.
Hazel or Willow Hurdles we are one of the few suppliers in Hertfordshire who provide these wonderful traditional and rustic looking fence panels. They are much stronger than they may look and have been used in the countryside for hundreds of years, they areĀ  sustainably sourced too.

Differences between Hazel Hurdle fence panels and Willow Hurdle fence panels

The Willow hurdles are a more delicate and are hand crafted from thinner more wispy willow branches. The Hazel hurdles are hand made using a thicker branch which makes them more robust.
Both materials have a tight weave structure for a rugged and long lasting construction.
Which wood you choose will be dictated to some degree by the site they are to be used and the prevailing conditions, so why not book your free site survey with Norlap Fencing (Hertford) now on 01992 350222 or 07534 503223.

Our Willow and Hazel Hurdles are available in standard heights from 90cm t0 180 cm high by 180cm long. They are naturally long lasting and durable and you may find that the natural colours of your new fence change over time as they start to weather naturally as they would in the wild. As suitable for an urban space as much as a rural location, Hazel or willow fences are used for:

  • Fencing
  • Windbreaks
  • Natural planting schemes
  • Screens for oil or water tanks
  • Wheelie bins or other storage areas
  • Sheds or green houses
  • Providing natural shade

Living with your Hazel or willow Hurdle fencing once its been installed is easy too, it simply requires treating with a 1 to 1 combination white spirit or turps and linseed oil. This has been used for years as the preservative of choice by the rural community and is tried & tested. If you are interested in getting Hazel or Willow hurdles fitted, call the Norlap Fencing company in Hertford today on 01992 350222 or 07534 503223 for your site survey or quote.

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