Metal Fences

Metal Fences

Why choose a metal fence?

Metal fences have a wide range of uses and applications from decorative to high security. They are strong, can be made to almost any height and come in a huge number of sizes, shapes and colours to suit their purpose.

Spiked top metal palisade security fencing

Norlap fencing offer you the perfect metal fence solution to meet your needs. We start by carrying out a site survey and afterwards discuss your requirements with you to ensure you get the exact fence to suit both your needs and your budget.

Our surveys will take into consideration the site location, the soil type & local conditions as well as your specific needs. We can specify, supply and erect fencing ranging from anywhere between powder coated and highly colourful metal railings for a play area or school to high security prison or secure area fencing.

We understand that if you are about to make an investment in any form of fencing, whether for decorative or for security purposes, you want it to look good and last for as long as possible.

Our professional installation methods and equipment set us apart from many other contractors, plus our decades of experience mean that you get the right advice from people with experience.

For all your metal fence requirements, either email us or call Norlap fencing now on 01992 350222 or 07534 503223 to arrange your free site survey.

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