Wood Lapped Panel Fences

Wood Lapped Panel Fences

Pressure treated lapped fence panels

Wooden garden lapped fence panels are our most popular type of new or replacement garden fence panel. The lapped panel fence is something that commonly features in british gardens and we have a fantastic range of sizes, shapes and finished to choose from. Lapped panel fences have their slats arranged horizontally and these are closely related to close board panel fences which have their slats running vertically.

When we replace a garden fence that have either fallen down in bad weather or just rotted away, we only use the highest quality pressure treated timbers for guaranteed long and trouble free life. That applies to the fence posts and the fence panels.

Our professional team of dedicated fence specialists can take on jobs of any size and we always leave your property neat and tidy. If you have an exposed, windy site or a very wet area, you may need to consider concrete posts and wood panel fencing.

Concrete posts are longer lived than wooden posts and being set into solid concrete below the ground, your new fence  has more strength and rigidity. If you use a concrete gravel board as well, the lifespan of your fence will be greatly increased because the base is kept away from wet ground which prevents it from rotting.

Intermediate solutions and repairs

Smaller concrete support spurs can either be used as strengthening joists for a short term repair. Howevere in most situations, we recommend that you replace your entire fence run where possible because it’s a false economy to keep replacing one or two fence panels each year. If you replace the whole fence when just a section has blown down in the wind, the entire structure will last longer and look better.

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