Wood Picket Fences

Wood Picket Fences

Wooden Picket Fences and Gates

Traditional wooden picket fence are both simple and attractive.  Picket fences are commonly used as fence boundaries, to separate areas of your garden or as backdrops for planting and plant support. Picket fencing is available in different heights so it is suitable for lawn or garden edging or for a design feature in garden landscapes marking the edges of paths or ponds.

Many dog owners wil use wooden picket fencing to create an area for their dogs with an additional gate for access. Picket fencing can also be used to prevent children accessing dangerous areas too such as swimming pools but as they have an open structure, they are easy to see through.

Wooden picket fences come in different lengths and heights plus they can be stained or painted for further protection. A Picket fence will blend in to home, especially once painted  to match the surroundings, and you also get a choice of finishing like round or pointed tops.

As you would expect, for every type of picket fence available there is a matching picket gate.

Take a look at some of the styles of  Picket Fence below.

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